UNIT 11 PHOTOS NEWS DETAILS WE ARE LINKS MUSIC VIDEO REPRESENTATION “UNIT 11, fired up, gave us the   show of the year” - ELLINGTONS Based in Boston, SA Founded in 2004 Genre: #Rock #Alternative  Label: Unit 11 Records Quewin Keyser - Lead vocals.  Jean Keyser - Guitars &  backing vocals.   Ricardo - Bass.   George MacDonald - Drums.   Hardy Maritz - Harmonica.   Ancillary: Boy Blue -  Sound Architect.
Unit 11 currently has written and performs the following songs 1. Unspoken 2. Little Black Rooster 3. Break Open This Door 4. Steel Mill 5. Rock n Rolls Ex 6. Diogenes 7. Love Song 8. Cowboy Of Chaos 9. Confessions of a Wanderer


Nicole Maritz



Natalie Ricciardi


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