The band name originates from the studio where it was conceived; an industrial space in Stikland Bellville between units 12 and 13. The genre is rock with blues undertones. The band is working in close co-operation with Jack Daniels South Africa and pulled off one hell of a 3 day event at Oppikoppi at the VIP Jack Daniels Deck. A must see for 2018 Oppikoppi. Shout out to Ellingtons Pub and Grill for providing a home when the band was homeless for a period there. BAT theatre is now called home with the blessing of Mr. Gavin.


Musical influences are Arctic Monkeys, ACDC, Beethoven, Bowie, Beck, Beatles, Bo Didley, Cream, The Clash, CCR, Deep Purple, Doors, Eric Clapton, Elvis etc …you get the picture as well as all band members past and present.


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – CG Jung.

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