Jean Keyser

Jean has never had a formal education in music, but started playing the guitar when he was 12-13 by listening carefully to his favourite bands and watching what his friends where doing. He was in his first band at the age of 13 and had a typical guitar player’s high school experience of playing in various groups, mostly Heavy Metal or Metal. During this experimental phase he also acquired bass playing skills as well as elementary drumming abilities. Even though Jean suffers from dyslexia, he finished his studies at Stellenbosh in 2009, culminating in an Mphil in Applied Ethics and being offered and accepted into the Golden Key Honours Society. It was also then during his studies that he became a daughter richer and loves spending time with her on the days he has her. He is currently a Lecturer at a college teaching Learning Psychology and other ancillary subjects.

For the last +- 3 years Jean has playing the guitar for the band Unit 11 after taking a hiatus from music for a few years. It is then in collaboration with his brother Quewin, Tiaan van Deventer and sometimes also their long suffering sound engineer Ryan Jordaan that most of the music gets written.

Jean considers of himself as a liberal character and does not think it was a coincidence that he was born on the day of the mischievous maverick. When he has spare time he is up for almost anything and loves experience towns and people that take him out of his comfort zone (what he calls cultural experiences). Currently, as well as being a father and lecturer Jean is the guitarist for the Alternative rock group Unit 11. He outspoken against social disparity and has a deep desire to change society for the better in whatever way possible.

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