Ricardo Petersen

Fixed up a broken guitar at 17 and proceeded to learn everything learnable using my dad’s fishing gut for strings.  Then I got a CASIO keyboard and learnt that too. As the guitars came and went I sat with my mentors who let me study and perform with them. Then shot from solo gigs to duos, trios then a few bands which led to me picking up the bass guitar (which didn’t require much practice as I’m used to stringed instruments) which led to me couch surfing in the USA  & the Netherlands then running open-mic events back home in Cape Town until mid 2016

I like silence… and the respect  thereof,  which is vital for the insertion of any form of sound.  The disrespect of silence leads to noise, which is what I don’t like. More practically I enjoy an open, spaced sound that clear and aware. Say no more.

Whilst running the open mic events I was asked to audition as bass player for a band called Unit 11 of which I starting rehearsing and gigging with. I’m currently playing bass full time with this band and we have done many public and private performances and documented some of them with live recordings. We benefitted from sponsorship from Pougues Whisky and now are working with Jack Daniels who has invited us to Oppikoppi 2017.

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