Ryan Jordaan

Basically I was born with a tune “Born to be wild” while in womb. Yes, this is also the reason for coming out 1 month earlier than expected, I wanted to tune life and feel the real thing. I had some issues with my ears from age 5-7, in this period I discovered how to actually see and feel sound and reading auras and that hearing is really a bonus you have to use well. I obtained a diploma in Audio Engineering from 2003. Thereafter doing live shows with Fokofpoliesiekar, Just Ginger, Arno Carstens, KKNK ect for few years as a rookie and mastered my trade.

Was lots of fun, but passion was still mostly in recording and making wonderful albums that last forever. My cousins and I came from different backgrounds, but has a strong blood bond.We worked on a few songs and projects together and eventually established a 4 piece band named “Unit 11” after already working a year on new stuff.

I am currently busy with writing new songs and collaborating with TiViT Afrikaans rap group. We were busy with a new EP that launched March 2016. Also Sound Engineer for “Unit 11” GenX Rock band from D’Ville. Making progress in strides
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